Press Kit

Please don’t share this page! This is a preview of all shows in Season 1. It’s for media, internal cast & crew, and prospective sponsors. The stories you see here will be released week by week once we get under way.

For interviews, press inquiries or other requests, please email “tony at distressfrequency dot com,” or hit us on on twitter @DistressFreq.

About us: Distress Frequency is a horror/sci-fi/adventure anthology produced here in Columbus, Ohio. Each episode is self-contained, between 10-20 minutes. It’s a full-cast audio drama, using actors from Columbus’ thriving indie film scene. It hearkens back to the Golden Age of radio drama with a modern flavor.

  1. Dinner Party

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They’re the perfect couple with a twist. Two small-time criminals get more than they bargained for when they try to rob a couple with certain … exotic tastes.

2. Downs: The White Ghost

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(We’re locking down some audio issues on this one – they will be settled by launch time)

(Susan Downs is an ongoing character created by Tony – she traded her eyes for forbidden knowledge.) When 90s alt-rock legends turn up dead, Susan Downs must race the clock to keep everyone’s hearts in their chests.

3. Godmother

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A new mother must fight a centuries-old curse and a long-dead witch for the life of her baby.

4. The Statement of Randolph Carter

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Adapted from HP Lovecraft. On the brink of madness, Randolph Carter relates the strange fate of his friend, Harley Warren, in the stygian depths of a forgotten crypt.

5. Simulation

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Uploading your brain to the cloud – it’ll be worse than you imagine.

6. The Palomino Station Murder

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Life is hard on the frontier. A murder on a remote asteroid is bad, but there’s noplace to run in a small town.

7. For Love

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When your true love is a supernatural hellbeast, what’s a “nice guy” to do?